◊ Translator – (J-E) (C-E) (K-E)

  • Must be fluent in both languages
  • Committed
  • No experience necessary

◊ Cleaner

  • Must have photoshop (any version)
  • Committed
  • Some experience necessary, as we’re mostly dealing with magazine raws

◊ Typesetter {Closed}

  • Must have photoshop (any version)
  • Own a various amount of fonts
  • Committed
  • No experience necessary (but some would be nice)

◊ Proofreader {Closed}

  • Must have a strong grasp of the English language
  • Should be able to finish a chapter in couple of days
  • Committed
  • No experience necessary
13 Responses to “Recruiting”
  1. chitra says:

    are you guys still recruiting a typesetter? if yes– i wanna apply as typesetter + v +);;;;

  2. Mieu says:

    Sent something about applying to be translator through “Contact Us”
    xux;; Hopefully it reached–

  3. veronica says:

    Hello, I would like in the wash? if available the job?

    a question? drew the manga not the one? or not?

  4. the worst colleague says:

    Hi there. Is ur team still recruiting cleaners? Im quite interested in being a part of ur team. Ive downloaded the cleaning test and will work on it over the weekend. At ur earliest convenience please let me noe. thnx

  5. LookiPatuti says:

    Hello Good day! Are you still looking for a cleaner?

  6. Annabelle says:

    I am interested in being a translator. I am fluent in both Korean and English.

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