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[AOI] Surprise!

We’re baaack! With another release of Aoi. Here’s to the new years! Chapter 5 is released today, which leaves us with chapters 6-15. We’re a third done with this series guys! Hang in there, I promise you’ll be able to read all 15 chapters some time in the future > < But I have to … Continue reading

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry about the lack of updates and the four month of… Nothingness. University has been stressful (and not to mention the finals), and we (as in our joint partners Chinatown KM and us) had a delay problem because I take so long to read my emails and respond. So, -bows-. Forgive … Continue reading

[Aoi] Chapter 2: It seems his highness the prince loves girls the most

Hello hello. This chapter is finally out~ It’s mostly my fault. Sorry CKM T___T Oh ho ho ho, what’s this? Some girl dares to glare back at our delinquent king? I wonder who’s going to win this stare glare off… Well, I have delayed this enough! Here are the links for you (: { Download … Continue reading

[AY] Last wish, finally here.

Hello everyone. So our first anniversary has come and gone… With only one (?!?) release. I can’t say I didn’t try, but I failed to remember that while last year I had a ton of time during summer, this year I have summer semester, and therefore, does not have a lot of time on my … Continue reading

[Touran] Chapter 1… First year anniversary?!

Why hello there. It’s another release from us… Yay? Though this is something we’ve been working on for MONTHS AND MONTHS. Actually I think we’ve been keeping this in our “work in progress” for almost a year now. Amazing isn’t it? I really want to thank everyone for all their effort. If you ever visit … Continue reading

[Aoi] Chapter 1: Aren’t you dead?

Hello everyone. I’m very excited to say that… We’re releasing a joint! With the lovely awesome Chinatown KM. (Check their website out: http://ckmscans.halofight.com/forum) Another Shounen that… may or may not revolve around romance, and another Shounen that’s sprinkled with comedy. Hope you guys enjoy this. This may or may not become our main series, now … Continue reading

[AY] Chapter 15: Don’t go

Ooh, look at this! There’s some action going on here O: Thank Chitora for typesetting it so fast. Or else you’d get this weeks later. So now akuyome finally has some sort of plot to it! UNfortunately, said plot ends in another chapter. Still not sure how I feel about this… On this topic, how … Continue reading

[OtH] Chapter 8, released after 205 days!

Will you look at that. We finally released the long awaited… Chapter eight of Ouji to Hero! I know. Shocking. It took me about two days to fully QC the whole thing. Praise me ;D I also have a small little… speech…? at the back of the chapter. Please read it if you have time. … Continue reading

[AY] Chapter 14

Why hi there. Sorry for not updating anything by the way. We’re all busy with school work. Well, there’s good news and bad news. Good news is that we have a release today. Download link: http://raynsandlele.forumotion.ca/t101-ore-ga-akuma-de-aitsu-ga-yome-de-chapter-14#502 Online reader: http://www.batoto.net/read/_/154684/ore-ga-akuma-de-aitsu-ga-yome-de_ch14_by_raynslele-scans Bad news? Akuyome has ended at chapter 16, so we only have two more chapters to … Continue reading

[AY] Chapter 12

Yeah, hi. Remember that chapter we skipped? Well here it is! Before anything, let me just say that finals? They SUCK. What do you think of them? (I’m talking about the school ones by the way.) And… I also don’t have much to say about  this chapter, other than it’s amusing beginning and ending. I’ll … Continue reading