7 Responses to “Projects”
  1. Mytsy says:

    When is Aoi Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni itakoro gonna get updated?

  2. miranda m vasquez says:

    bitchin >:D lmao

  3. Brooke says:

    Hi! I was just wondering if you were still scanlating ‘The One’, because Katscan was doing it but they’ve become and inactive group. I’ve been trying to get a hold of chapter 106 & 107 in english but they haven’t been translated. On the facebook fanpage someone has posted the raws, just no one is translating it. Anyways, I was just asking because I know your group had done a few releases of it! Please let me know because I can’t read raws! (I was going to apply, but honestly I can really only proofread) thanks 🙂

    • reluck says:

      Hello Brooke,
      We were going to pick it up after katscans stopped, but we saw that another group had picked it up, so we haven’t done anything with it. Maybe you can ask that other group? If they have also dropped it, then please message us (:

  4. Gatot Kaca says:

    Can’t wait until Aoi Hikaru released 🙂

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