[OtH] Chapter 8, released after 205 days!

Will you look at that. We finally released the long awaited… Chapter eight of Ouji to Hero! I know. Shocking. It took me about two days to fully QC the whole thing. Praise me ;D I also have a small little… speech…? at the back of the chapter. Please read it if you have time. … Continue reading

[OtH] Ch7 + A message.

Thank you very much for all the support! We have come a long way (almost four months… whoaa!), and I’d like to think that we’ve improved in terms of cleaning and typesetting. And also, our releases of Ouji to Hero will soon catch up to the latest chapters. This means two things. `One: OtH will … Continue reading

[OtH] Chapter 6.

Chapter 6 is doneeeee~ There are significantly less dust this release. Know why? Cause I spent hours on it, making it look pretty. So you better be satisfied with the quality D: As usual, thanks for all the comments~! (And downloads are available in our forummm) —Taken from our second website, raynsandlele.blogspot.ca.

[OtH] Chapter 5 released.

It has been a while hasn’t it? Sorry, hahaa. Been busy! And our typesetter has encountered some um…. computer problems? So I ended up typesetting this chapter. Oh! We’re releasing a oneshot soon, and it’s pretty funny =P Read it when it’s out! Its short (only 12 pages!), so it should be a quick read~ … Continue reading

[AY&OtH] Double release!

Same as usual, if you want to download, download at the forum. The password for unlocking the file is; raynsandlele I also take back my err, semi-unsatisfaction with mangafox~ 😛 Though I’d still like batoto better. Also, please know that I read all the comments, whether it be on batoto, our forum, on our website … Continue reading

[OtH] Released again~

Well, I did tell you guys that we’d pick up the pace, but I bet you people never expected it to be done within a week now did ya? Mwahahaha. Were you perhaps… Surprised by any chance? Let me tell you, it was wayy hard cleaning this. If anyone knows any raw providers (Or you … Continue reading

Ouji to Hero ch.2 [Release]

As some of you may have noticed, this manga is also an ongoing project for Chibi Manga. After much debating and discussion, we decided to continue releasing it. This was one of our prime reasons for the slow release. Also, I’d like to thank the new staff members who joined recently. ❤ →ToxicStream & IAmALiar … Continue reading