[AOI] Surprise!

We’re baaack! With another release of Aoi. Here’s to the new years! Chapter 5 is released today, which leaves us with chapters 6-15. We’re a third done with this series guys! Hang in there, I promise you’ll be able to read all 15 chapters some time in the future > < But I have to … Continue reading

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry about the lack of updates and the four month of… Nothingness. University has been stressful (and not to mention the finals), and we (as in our joint partners Chinatown KM and us) had a delay problem because I take so long to read my emails and respond. So, -bows-. Forgive … Continue reading

[Aoi] Chapter 2: It seems his highness the prince loves girls the most

Hello hello. This chapter is finally out~ It’s mostly my fault. Sorry CKM T___T Oh ho ho ho, what’s this? Some girl dares to glare back at our delinquent king? I wonder who’s going to win this stare glare off… Well, I have delayed this enough! Here are the links for you (: { Download … Continue reading

[Aoi] Chapter 1: Aren’t you dead?

Hello everyone. I’m very excited to say that… We’re releasing a joint! With the lovely awesome Chinatown KM. (Check their website out: http://ckmscans.halofight.com/forum) Another Shounen that… may or may not revolve around romance, and another Shounen that’s sprinkled with comedy. Hope you guys enjoy this. This may or may not become our main series, now … Continue reading