[AY] Chapter 13

Hey guys. I broke my own rule for uploading chapters in sequence, lol. But I thought, hey why not? Since chapter 12 is just another short side chapter anyway. Unfortunately, I have to go now, but I have updated our forum links, so check the links in the forum! [: Now that I’m home again, … Continue reading

[AY] Chapter 11

Hi again. So I have decided to finally crawl out of my hole and start typesetting. I know. Amazing isn’t it, for ME to actually do some work instead of forcing my work onto my staff members. Talking about staff… Any typesetters out there? I’m currently looking for you. Hellooooo? I would love it if … Continue reading

[MW] Chapter 0 + Status updates

After a month or so of inactivity, we are back with a new series! Melancholy World. I absolutely LOVED the dialogue in it. I love the art too. It just looks so pretty… Well, I’m sure you just want to read it, so… { Here } is the download link. The password is “Reluck” (yes, … Continue reading

[AY] Chapter 10 is finally here!

It’s amazing isn’t it? We’re still very much alive. Though I feel like I should be going into a hibernation mode. The weather is just so COLD and I just feel like a bear. So I hibernate. Actually, I haven’t posted in so long that this post probably doesn’t even make sense. I’m just here … Continue reading

[AY] Chapter 10 teaser

Chapter 10 of Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de is out in Japan yesterday actually, but I didn’t have time to update anything. We have started working on it, but unfortunately, I don’t know when we will release it =P Our raw provider Mizuouji was kind enough to translate just one panel for … Continue reading

[Akuyome] chapter 9

Reluck again! This release was delayed by… 7 hours. Due to one missing translation bubble. xD I don’t have much to say here, other than: “And the plot thickens…” Download is available at our forum, and because I’m so nice, I’ll provide you the download link: http://raynsandlele.forumotion.ca/t74-ore-ga-akuma-de-aitsu-ga-yome-de-chapter-9#396 (Or, you can click the image above. Talking … Continue reading

Pisu no Oshigoto [Oneshot]

Hello everyone! Reluck+ here again. =P We present you a whole new cute oneshot, titled Peace’s Work (or Pisu no Oshigoto). It was a bit short in my opinion, but I absolutely loved the metaphor of Aikawa (female lead) sinking “confession ships” and Kamijou (male lead) being an inflatable boat. The ending is also an … Continue reading

We have moved into a new drawer…

Hello everybody! I was known as Classicalitys, but decided to change my username to Reluck+ recently. This will be our new (and maybe final) site! I’ll slowly move all my posts in our old blog here, don’t worry about that =P Both our site and our forum will be under construction, so please bare with … Continue reading

[OtH] Ch7 + A message.

Thank you very much for all the support! We have come a long way (almost four months… whoaa!), and I’d like to think that we’ve improved in terms of cleaning and typesetting. And also, our releases of Ouji to Hero will soon catch up to the latest chapters. This means two things. `One: OtH will … Continue reading

[AY] Release + A little story.

PHEWW. Let me tell you, I started typesetting this on July 22nd. I was supposed to finish this on the 24th, but then I got an error with my photoshop, saying this… Could not complete your request because something prevented the text engine from being initialized. Now, I’m definitely not a patient person, but I … Continue reading