[Touran] Chapter 1… First year anniversary?!

Why hello there. It’s another release from us… Yay? Though this is something we’ve been working on for MONTHS AND MONTHS. Actually I think we’ve been keeping this in our “work in progress” for almost a year now. Amazing isn’t it? I really want to thank everyone for all their effort. If you ever visit … Continue reading

[MW] Chapter 0 + Status updates

After a month or so of inactivity, we are back with a new series! Melancholy World. I absolutely LOVED the dialogue in it. I love the art too. It just looks so pretty… Well, I’m sure you just want to read it, so… { Here } is the download link. The password is “Reluck” (yes, … Continue reading

We have moved into a new drawer…

Hello everybody! I was known as Classicalitys, but decided to change my username to Reluck+ recently. This will be our new (and maybe final) site! I’ll slowly move all my posts in our old blog here, don’t worry about that =P Both our site and our forum will be under construction, so please bare with … Continue reading

[OtH] Released again~

Well, I did tell you guys that we’d pick up the pace, but I bet you people never expected it to be done within a week now did ya? Mwahahaha. Were you perhaps… Surprised by any chance? Let me tell you, it was wayy hard cleaning this. If anyone knows any raw providers (Or you … Continue reading

[AY] Chapter 2, Released!

Dare I say it? Chapter two of Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de has been released!!! You wouldn’t BELIEVE how long this took me. Actually, since we have been working hard on this one, it wasn’t too long of a wait. I’m glad that through akuyome, I recruited a few members though :D! … Continue reading

Engage + Akuyome.

I was surprised by the amount of people that liked Akuyome. Thank you very much for the comments! They have motivated me to work harder and translate faster! I am happy to say that Chapter 2 of Akuyome will be released SOON. Why so fast? Because of you of course! Why else? (So now you … Continue reading

New release o;

HELLO GUYS. Guess what! Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de has been RELEASED. I, for one, am major excited. While we don’t have any waiting periods before uploading it to manga hosting sites (well considering people don’t follow them, there’s no point in setting any), it still needs approval before you can read … Continue reading

Hello everyone!

If you have been stalking this blog for the past few days, you’ll notice that I have been messing around for weeks, and I have just finally settled on a layout. Other than a few minor changes here and there (the navigation bar and the pages are unfinished), the site is staying like this. Our … Continue reading