[Aoi] Chapter 2: It seems his highness the prince loves girls the most

Hello hello.

This chapter is finally out~ It’s mostly my fault. Sorry CKM T___T
Oh ho ho ho, what’s this? Some girl dares to glare back at our delinquent king? I wonder who’s going to win this stare glare off…

Well, I have delayed this enough! Here are the links for you (:
{ Download here } http://www.mediafire.com/download/8l91170z9szm5dp
{ Online reader } http://www.batoto.net/read/_/185402/aoi-hikaru-ga-chikyuu-ni-itakoro_v1_ch2_by_raynslele-scans

– Reluck+

9 Responses to “[Aoi] Chapter 2: It seems his highness the prince loves girls the most”
  1. nckeo says:

    Ok, 3 girls out of 4 from ch 1 color page has already appear, wonder when last will show up. Surprising, MC family background is kinda tragic, no wonder he has a sour face, but the grass is not greener on the other side as he thought about the ghost MC, but the main thing is MC is still alive, heck, he got knock by a truck (mention in ch 1) and all he got is a month of hospitalization while another guy drown! Let’s hope his toughness will help go thru all the women troubles that coming toward him as he trying to fulfill ghost MC request!

    • Jassim Al-Madeh says:

      What does MC mean?

      • reluck says:

        MC means the main character (:
        As for the half a year part, no, it normally wouldn’t take a long time at all. It’s just we don’t have a lot of staff at the moment, I’m sure you understand. Thanks for the comments ^o^

  2. Jassim Al-Madeh says:

    I like this Manga but would it really take half a year to translate each chapter?
    Well, it’s great that its status is complete in Japan, right?

  3. AznL0rd says:

    Thank you so much for the new chapter. Thought I should head over and show my support 🙂
    I wish i knew how to translate but can only cheer on the sidelines. Will patiently wait for more releases.

    • reluck says:

      Thank you very much for your support. We are now back in business! Chapter 4 has already been completed, and chapter 3 is almost finished, so look forward to the releases soon!

  4. Koneko no fansub says:

    Good morning, representing Koneko no fansub a scarlation in Spanish, I wonder if they bother to take this manga and Translates … Is there a problem with that?

  5. Remon says:

    Finally it’s been realesed. Thanks so much. I have been waiting for this for a long a time.

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