[Touran] Chapter 1… First year anniversary?!

Why hello there.

It’s another release from us… Yay? Though this is something we’ve been working on for MONTHS AND MONTHS. Actually I think we’ve been keeping this in our “work in progress” for almost a year now. Amazing isn’t it? I really want to thank everyone for all their effort. If you ever visit our forums, thank our staff won’t you? (:

Back to topic, we present you chapter one of Touran Merry Rose. More characters to love! A girl that can stand up for herself, and a mysterious man who, like a prince, saves our lovely heroin multiple times. A pretty long chapter, 50 pages or so without all the covers and credit pages and everything. I do like the plot though. In fact, I like it enough to want to keep reading, but I’ve just been so busy and just haven’t had time to read the rest… What do you guys think of the plot?

ALSO. It has been a year since we have been around in this scanlation world. Yeah. So I’m going to be mass releasing (hopefully). For you guys. So won’t you celebrate with us? WOOOOO PARTYYY… No? Too bad. You’re totally missing out.

So instead of the usual “Please head to the forum to download” thing I pull, I decided to post all download links from April, 2013 (to whenever I feel like only putting them in the forum again) here on the website (as well as in the forum, obviously), without any passwords or anything. Just for this the next few months so you can just sit back and enjoy the releases. That being said, the download link and online reader will be posted below as soon as they’re ready. Enjoy!

– Reluck+

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?jo8xgyoxnxcje8v
Online reader: http://www.batoto.net/read/_/164335/touran-merry-rose_v1_ch1_by_raynslele-scans

7 Responses to “[Touran] Chapter 1… First year anniversary?!”
  1. deca says:

    thank you

  2. Cirno says:

    Release approved 🙂

    – Cirno @ Kirei Cake

  3. Thank you. Happily moving this from “wishlist” to “current reads”. 🙂

    Congratulations on your first year!

  4. mercre says:

    Thx for the chapter. Keep it up, I like it.

  5. onewchan says:

    YAY! Thanks a lot guys for the new chapter~ I’ve been hoping for someone to pick this up and then you did *o* awesome awesome, I really like this series and the plot, the art is simplistic, clean, and wonderful I love it as well!
    Much appreciated and keep up the awesome work minna-san! Ganbatte~ 😉

  6. poohsbestfriend says:

    so excited for this. thank you! and happy anniversary :]

  7. Shapphire says:

    Since Ritsu Miyako, the illustrator, has had her comic with titled Shinrei Tantei Yakumo ~Akai Hitomi wa Shitteiru~ or in English: The Red Eye Has a Clue original story by Manabu Kaminaga sensei released, I’ve fallen for her arts! Then next I’ve bought The Summer Cinema and I really really loved it~ ❤ ❤ ,<
    But now, I'm not crying anymore!! The story really really. . . KYAAAAAAA~!!!! LOVED IT!!
    Please continue on this release, I'll count on you. And thank you for your hard work guys!! ^^ Like you so much! ❤

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