[Aoi] Chapter 1: Aren’t you dead?

Hello everyone.

I’m very excited to say that… We’re releasing a joint! With the lovely awesome Chinatown KM. (Check their website out: http://ckmscans.halofight.com/forum) Another Shounen that… may or may not revolve around romance, and another Shounen that’s sprinkled with comedy. Hope you guys enjoy this. This may or may not become our main series, now that akuyome has ended. (Oh, I’ll be uploading that soon. Well by soon I mean… 2-5 weeks. I know, I’m stalling, but hey, limited staff. What can I do?)
Because this is a joint, I don’t think it’s fair for me to lock it up in our forum and limit it only to our forum members, SO, I have provided a download link here: http://www.mediafire.com/?95smc3fuf4s3pmw. I believe this may be our first (released) joint, so I’m new to this .__.

I’ll provide a Batoto link on March 24th, so check back later if you’re lazy and don’t want to download it.

By the way, how’s our new main character? Like him? Hate him? Comment below?(:

– Reluck+

EDIT: Batoto link is up (and was up a few hours ago, hahaa): http://www.batoto.net/read/_/162346/aoi-hikaru-ga-chikyuu-ni-itakoro_v1_ch1_by_raynslele-scans

5 Responses to “[Aoi] Chapter 1: Aren’t you dead?”
  1. GaoTV says:

    This was a nice read =) Thank you for the chapter

  2. Hi! i am part of a Fansub, called Whitelies fansub, I wanted to know if I give permission to use yours scans of Aoi for translated to spanish. thank you very much

  3. maynard says:

    more chapter please

  4. thx says:

    thx chapter

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