[AY] Chapter 15: Don’t go

Ooh, look at this! There’s some action going on here O:

Thank Chitora for typesetting it so fast. Or else you’d get this weeks later.

So now akuyome finally has some sort of plot to it! UNfortunately, said plot ends in another chapter. Still not sure how I feel about this…
On this topic, how do you guys like this series so far?(:

Links. How can I forget.

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6 Responses to “[AY] Chapter 15: Don’t go”
  1. Maffy says:

    I had started this series for fun and I wasn’t even planning on reading it seriously but it got me kinda hooked :< It was just so innocent and nice. It left a nice feeling so when I saw couple months ago that it was supposed to end in a few chapters… I was sad :< I thought it'd have more to it :_<
    Considering though, that the next chap is the last, it's pretty easy to guess how it's gonna go. He'll refuse, he'll start thinking about it, Uika would want him to be an angel but would be sad and in the end, he'd say why he did it and after some more doubts, he'd screw everything to stay with Uika as a demon :3 Or at least something along that.

    Oh well, I'll still remember it as one of my best random choices of a manga c:

  2. John says:

    thnx for the realease =]

  3. Helen_Hoang258 says:

    Back when I first read this series, I was excited to see this story go as far as when Uika gets older and hoping Anzam would fall for her even more. Buuut, I guess this story took another turn and thus it ends the next chapter. Well, it was quite interesting to read something cute, funny and light-hearted once in a while. It was definitely worth the ride~ Thanks a lot guys~

  4. Mightymaeve says:

    I’m enjoying it–it’s fresh, light, humourous, and lovable. Like other fans mentioned, though, I hope the mangaka develops the story and the characters’ depth.
    Thank you for bringing such a unique story to English.

  5. flani says:

    thanks im really hoping for the next episode

  6. Greenlee says:

    Loved it because of the cute story plot. & thank you for the release.

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