[OtH] Chapter 8, released after 205 days!

Will you look at that. We finally released the long awaited… Chapter eight of Ouji to Hero!
I know. Shocking.

It took me about two days to fully QC the whole thing. Praise me ;D

I also have a small little… speech…? at the back of the chapter. Please read it if you have time. I did spend time typing it, haha. Oh, and please thank all the staff as well! We worked really hard for this, and I apologize for the late update. See, we’re running a bit low on cleaners… If you have experience, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come help us out?

And as usual, links are given. To download this chapter, visit either our forum or click the image above. Or, well. You can click this link { Here }. To read it online, please visit www.batoto.net or this link { Here }

Thanks again for visiting our website~!

– Reluck+

3 Responses to “[OtH] Chapter 8, released after 205 days!”
  1. rurupon says:

    I don’t have experience, but can you give me a Cleaner Test?
    I may be not good enough but at least I can try right?
    Btw, thanks for this chapter~ ><

  2. onewchan says:

    Yay! Thanks a lot for this chapter gusy! I’ve been waiting for OtH *o*

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