[AY] Chapter 13

Hey guys.

I broke my own rule for uploading chapters in sequence, lol. But I thought, hey why not? Since chapter 12 is just another short side chapter anyway. Unfortunately, I have to go now, but I have updated our forum links, so check the links in the forum! [:

Now that I’m home again, { here } is the download link, and { here } is the online reader. Enjoy!

OH! And tell me what you guys think of this chapter. Did you like it?
Or… hate it?

– Reluck+

3 Responses to “[AY] Chapter 13”
  1. stipierrial says:

    Where is chapter 12 T_T

  2. Maffy says:

    If 12 is also a side story then I don’t rly mind not going with the right order. Can always read it later. This chapter was worth it anyway<3 I've really come to love this manga and I can't wait for a new chapter every time :3
    I do suppose it has a happy ending but it does make me sad seeing her lose all those years and that one day Anzam might just have to go. He is so nice ;-; He cares abt her so much ❤ I can't wait to see him save her at some point :3

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