[AY] Chapter 11

Hi again.

So I have decided to finally crawl out of my hole and start typesetting. I know. Amazing isn’t it, for ME to actually do some work instead of forcing my work onto my staff members. Talking about staff… Any typesetters out there? I’m currently looking for you. Hellooooo? I would love it if you apply to be a typesetter, like duh.

Anyway, recruitment stuff out of the way, I’d like to have you know that I am done with chapter 11 today, and I may finish chapter 12 today too. Or tomorrow. Or next week. Who knows… Bet you love me for that.

But for now, you can have fun with this… This image.

How’s this for your eye cand- I mean, loli desires? S:
Will this satisfy you for a while?

OHH, and I have good news for you. Chapter 13 is actually done. Well 98% done. I want to mess around with the sound effects a little longer.

So yeah. That’s it for now.
Batoto link { Here } | Download link { Here }
(Or just click the image above for the download link.)

– Reluck+

6 Responses to “[AY] Chapter 11”
  1. onemore1337 says:

    >Or just click the image above
    What image?

  2. onemore1337 says:

    Is there a better source for the pic on last page (the one with Uika in a wedding dress and Anzam in a tuxedo)? I wanted to upload it to a booru (this manga is too good to not have any pictures at all), but it seems kinda artifacty.

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