[AY] Chapter 10 is finally here!

It’s amazing isn’t it? We’re still very much alive.

Though I feel like I should be going into a hibernation mode. The weather is just so COLD and I just feel like a bear. So I hibernate. Actually, I haven’t posted in so long that this post probably doesn’t even make sense.

I’m just here to let you guys know that chapter 10 is released, and I will be back soon with all the links. =P

EDIT: Well. I forgot to update the links. I apologize. LOL.
Batoto link { Here }, and download link { Here }.

– Reluck+

5 Responses to “[AY] Chapter 10 is finally here!”
  1. Link says:

    Awwwww its so cute!!! I love how Uika hugs Anzam and tells him she loves him and how Anzam praises her without knowing XD! I can’t stop awwwing! And then when Anzam realized that she had been abused and did the cutest thing by hugging her and protecting her with his wolf like stare! So much moe! Please update soon i love this manga so much! And i like how Anzam is starting to fall in love with Uika as she keeps sacrificing her life. Shooooo kawaii! *(*´∀`*)☆ thank-you so much! Please update soon!

  2. OneMore says:

    How soon is “soon”?

  3. non8crusader says:

    Thank you for AY. It’s such a lovely series.
    Also, are you still working on Yoshiwara Hana Oboro? I still want to read more of that, so I hope you won’t drop it.

    • reluck says:

      Hello non8crusader,
      We are no long working on Yoshiwara Hana Oboro. We have received a message from Sweet Indulgent Scans and was informed that they have not dropped the project. We have now dropped the series, and any future releases will be coming from them.(:

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