[Akuyome] chapter 9

Reluck again!

This release was delayed by… 7 hours. Due to one missing translation bubble. xD

I don’t have much to say here, other than: “And the plot thickens…”

Download is available at our forum, and because I’m so nice, I’ll provide you the download link: http://raynsandlele.forumotion.ca/t74-ore-ga-akuma-de-aitsu-ga-yome-de-chapter-9#396
(Or, you can click the image above. Talking about the image, doesn’t it look amazing?)

Aaand as usual, I’ll provide the Batoto link for your online reading pleasures.

As a side note, we have completely caught up to the latest chapter. Chapter 10 will be out on August 16th (late at night). But please… Even if it does come out at 16th, we’re not going to immediately translate and do everything for you within a day. Or two. Or three. Maybe a week, but depending on people’s schedules, maybe even two weeks to a month. Thanks for understanding.

– Reluck+

One Response to “[Akuyome] chapter 9”
  1. Link says:

    As always thank-you so much this just got 100 x better! アリガト エヘ♪(*^・^)ノ ⌒☆(*^_^*) ポッ

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