Pisu no Oshigoto [Oneshot]

Hello everyone! Reluck+ here again. =P

We present you a whole new cute oneshot, titled Peace’s Work (or Pisu no Oshigoto). It was a bit short in my opinion, but I absolutely loved the metaphor of Aikawa (female lead) sinking “confession ships” and Kamijou (male lead) being an inflatable boat. The ending is also an appealing way to end it.

But of course, there’s a cat involved, and I’m always weak against cute pets…

MU link: http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=82259
Batoto link: http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/pisu-no-oshigoto-r6246

(I encourage you to read mangas at www.batoto.net simply because the quality is better, and you can be 100% sure that there won’t be any missing pages. Sites like mangahere takes off credit pages. Urgg, don’t even get me started on my rant LOL.)

– Reluck+

2 Responses to “Pisu no Oshigoto [Oneshot]”
  1. BNV says:

    For me, I thought this oneshot was simple and sweet. When I saw the first page, perfect girl and unpopular, shy guy, I thought a typical boy rekindles with girl; however, finishing the oneshot, these character made me rethink Kamijou and Aikawa. I loved how an animal brought two childhood friends to talk again, mostly they were speaking about the cat, but Kamijou and Aikawa spoke to one another without any consciousness to each other; it was just effortless. I liked the approach this mangaka did, and it pains me this is just a one-shot. I would have loved to see Kamijou and Aikawa again with more chapters. (especially Peace <3)
    I don't know.. for me, the ending ended rather abrupt for me… however…
    Kamijou and Aikawa were just sweet people… thanks for sharing!

    • reluck says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!
      When I first read it, I was thinking something along the same lines as you, something like “typical shoujo oneshot…”, but I read on and found it was interesting, and decided to pick it up, hahaa.
      I do agree that the ending was a bit sudden, but it was nice in that it leaves the rest of the story to the readers imagination (:

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