[AY] Release and a note.

Indeed it’s another post telling you that we have a new release. The password for the file (as I’m sure many of you know already) is…


Hahaa. Chapter 5 is available for download today at our forum… But PLEASE, do not (I mean it), DO NOT upload it anywhere else. I swear I’ll upload it to batoto tomorrow, or even later tonight. I’m testing something right now, so pleaase ;D

I’ll love you forever if you don’t upload it anywhere yet, kay?My thoughts on chapter 5? Well, it’s a bit short for one. Aaand… I thought the guy with the gun was stupid. Especially the part where he explained his motives for uhh, going to the school. Oh, and do children in grade 5 talk about boyfriend and sex? It wasn’t like that for me when I was in grade 5…
—Taken from our second website, raynsandlele.blogspot.ca.

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