[AY&OtH] Double release!

Same as usual, if you want to download, download at the forum.

The password for unlocking the file is;


I also take back my err, semi-unsatisfaction with mangafox~ 😛

Though I’d still like batoto better. Also, please know that I read all the comments, whether it be on batoto, our forum, on our website or on mangahere. Any other sites… I don’t visit LOL. As a note, I did leave two messages on mangahere. It is indeed me, and not some random person pretending to be me. Though I have gotten an account there now… But mangahere seems to hate me so we’ll see… Maybe I’ll just go there to read the comments only.
About this chapter of akuyome, I thought it was… Well. LOL. It was certainly interesting. And you get to see an actual wish this time. Then with this, I’m off!

BUT WAIT! What’s this? A double release?! This is our first time o;

Wahh, I’m so happy! I’m glad I have a bunch of staff members who are so helpful with everything, even when I kept rushing them T___T”

Please thank the staff that worked on this! They worked really hard, and I mean really hard. Eeeek. Yeah, thanks for reading my rambling xD

—Taken from our second website, raynsandlele.blogspot.ca.

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